Provision CARES Proton Therapy brings Proton Therapy to Middle Tennessee

Provision CARES Proton Therapy Nashville is part of the Provision CARES Cancer Network and is their second center to open in Tennessee.

Proton therapy is an advanced form of radiation therapy that is noninvasive and uses a single beam of high-energy protons to kill cancer cells. Proton therapy’s unique characteristics as a positively charged particle can precisely deposit radiation directly in the cancerous tumor with no exit dose. Both x-rays and protons damage cancer cells, but unlike standard radiation therapy, proton therapy deposits the majority of the radiation dose directly into the tumor. This spares nearby healthy tissues and organs from receiving radiation, thus reducing damaging side effects and complications, compared to conventional radiation. Since proton therapy minimizes the side effects and long-term toxicity of delivering radiation energy to a cancer patient, quality of life can be improved both during and after treatment.

Most solid tumor-based cancers can benefit from proton therapy. It is being used effectively to most commonly treat brain, head and neck, breast, lung, and prostate cancers.

Please visit the Provision CARES Proton Therapy Nashville website to learn more about their state-of-the-art cancer treatment facility and to see if you could benefit from Proton Therapy as a cancer treatment option.

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