Implant Dentistry

Our Dental Services: our office is a complete dental clinic with our own private full service dental laboratory. We can make anything we want to in dental service today.

All new patients are provided a booklet written by Dr. Cottrill. This booklet is a compilation of questions patients have asked Dr. Cottrill over the past years of his practice. The booket is titled: “What You Did Not Know About Dentistry And Did Not Know To Ask.” We have this booklet attached to the website, and you can pull it up in the FAQ section. If you would like us to mail this booklet to a friend, we will be happy to do so.

The very first service Dr. Cottrill performs is a complete examination and treatment plan. Our patients are provided two letters at their comprehensive examamination. One is a diagnosis letter that reviews their dental health and diagnoses what dental disease is present. The second letter is a comprehensive treatment plan that will enable a patient to recover good dental health.

1. Preventing Dental Disease. We help patients save hard earned money from needing to be spent on dental disease treatment. This includes counselling on how to prevent dental disease better at home. This includes the use of electric toothbrushes, and also the Hydrofloss. A Hydrofloss charges water with negative ions, and negative ions will stick to skin and kill bacteria. Our goal, for our patients, is to help them acquire and maintain their mouth, teeth, and gums in the highest standard of health available.

2. Restorative dental services. This includes cosmetic dentisty, major makeovers, metal and porcleain crowns, porcelain veneers, gold inlays, porcelain inlays and composite white tooth restorations.

3. Prosthetic service. This includes removable partial dentures, complete dentures, palatal lift devices, devices to close holes in the upper jawbone. We can make successful prosthetic devices on very handicapped foundations. Dr. Cottrill can restore any implant placed, and we have implant parts, in stock, for many different implant systems.

4. Root canal service: We provide root canals for most teeth. The only limitation is if a tooth’s nerves are calcified. We also perform surgical root canal services.

5. Tooth removals: Dr. Cottrill has performed tooth removal, including third molar removals(impacted teeth. Complex surgical procedures are not uncommon in our office.

6. Dental implant placement: Dr. Cottrill was a pioneer in dental implants, and we place dental implants, weekly. We also elevate and bone graft upper jaw sinuses for the purpose of placing dental implants. We place bone grafting in areas where needed, such as when there is a large infection around a disesed tooth. We also close sinus openings into the mouth.

7. Premedications: For patients that want to forget they were in the office, we provide medications to help with their anxiety or additional comfort during dental treatment.

8. Nitrous Oxide analgesia: Nitrous oxide(laughing gas) is a very effective pain reducer(analgesic), and it helps reduce anxiety during dental treatment.

9. Sedation dentistry: We have monitors and equipment for complete sedation for special patient needs. We have made arrangements with certified nurse anesthetists to deeply sedate patients when needed.

10. Makeovers: Dr. Cottrill can create the smile you desire. Dr. Cottrill has perfected special pattern systems that are tried in on your prepared teeth(for veneers or crowns), that will develop the smile you prefer for your appearance. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and with these special patterns, we can make your smile, your way.

11. TMJ treatment: When patients grit, grind or clench their teeth over a long period of time, damage can occur to their jaw joints(TMJ). Automobile or other accidents can also cause damage to jaw joints. Dr. Cottrill helps patients with TMJ pain. There are devices that can be made to reduce jaw joint inflammation, and enable the jaws to heal. There are other devices that can be made to pull a jaw forward out of a painful position.

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