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A Little About Don Wood Plumbing

Don Wood graduated from Franklin High School in 1974. That same year he entered MTSU to pursue a degree in Chemistry. In order to help meet financial obligations, he worked part-time for a residential plumbing contractor. Don graduated from MTSU in 1978, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry.

Upon graduation, he made the decision to remain in the plumbing industry, organizing Wood Plumbing Company on May 26, 1978. The company started with one employee

In the beginning, Wood Plumbing Company’s primary area of service was residential dwellings in Williamson County. The early years were extremely difficult as the building industry went into a recession. The recession, along with an extended illness of the company’s owner, almost brought an end to the business. However, the building industry and Don Wood rebounded, and from that point forward, Wood Plumbing Company has experienced solid and steady growth.

As the company grew, Don saw the need to incorporate. On July 31, 1984, the company became Don Wood Plumbing Company, Inc. The company not only grew in size, but also grew in the scope of its projects. At present, the company offers services in residential and commercial plumbing, gas piping, underground utilities, as well as a plumbing repair service.

In 1986, Don Wood Plumbing Company obtained its General Contractors License in the state of Tennessee.

This business has been successful due to the company’s commitment to give the customer excellent service at a fair price.

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